Data Protection & Privacy

At Sentinel Africa Consulting, we understand the pivotal role personal data plays as an invaluable asset, making its safeguarding an essential responsibility for all organizations. Compliance with data protection legislation, such as GDPR, the Kenya Data Protection Act 2019, the Uganda Data Protection and Privacy Act 2019, and the Rwanda Protection of Personal Data and Privacy Law, is a critical business imperative for both data controllers and processors.

Our comprehensive suite of data protection services is adaptable to your specific requirements. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive data inventory, a meticulous gap analysis, the establishment of a robust privacy framework, an assessment of an existing structure, or the engagement of an outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO), our solutions are designed to ensure your data protection compliance journey is seamless and effective.

How Can we Help you with Data Protection and privacy?

  1. Data Protection Consultancy Solutions Our data protection consultancy services are designed to align intimately with your business operations and the intricate web of data flows critical to your operations. We collaborate with you to unearth potential data protection vulnerabilities, offer sound recommendations grounded in best practices, and assist in implementing practical measures to mitigate risks. These measures encompass a spectrum of people-centric controls, such as training your personnel in data protection principles and fostering awareness, as well as comprehensive organizational controls, including the formulation of policies, procedures, and data protection impact assessments. Leveraging industry best practices, we utilize privacy assessment tools to carry out gap analysis effectively.
  2. Data Protection Process Implementation Drawing upon time-tested methodologies, industry best practices, and tailor-made recommendations, we craft a bespoke implementation roadmap that seamlessly integrates with your organization’s unique data protection needs. Our approach involves delineating actionable steps, each allocated to specific departments, ensuring an orchestrated effort in the realization of your data protection goals. Our proprietary Action Points – Remediation Tracker tool serves as a cohesive mechanism to monitor the advancement of various remediation actions, culminating in a cohesive and robust implementation strategy.
  3. Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)
    For companies without an internal DPO, we extend our expertise as a comprehensive DPO service provider. Our offerings encompass cost-effective packages tailored to businesses of all sizes. Enjoy the benefits of proficient guidance on GDPR and pertinent Data Protection laws, IT audit reviews, adept breach notification assistance, regular monthly and annual reporting, staff training, comprehensive support for Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and more.
  4. Data Protection Audits
    Our data protection audit services revolve around delivering independent validation of the depth of your organization’s data governance practices, ensuring robust responsiveness to the newly established rights of individuals. We undertake a meticulous assessment of policy and procedure frameworks, as aligned with GDPR and relevant Data Protection laws, using our specialized Data Protection Audit Tool. Moreover, we ensure operational congruence with these frameworks and assess the realization of privacy program objectives within your organization.
  5. ISO Compliance Services
    Navigating ISO 27701 compliance is made effortless through our consultancy services. We lead you through the ISO certification process, offering a systematic approach that streamlines your journey to ISO 27701 alignment. Crafting and deploying a personalized Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) framework, or an integrated security and privacy management system, we cater to your distinct requirements, ensuring a seamless conformity to ISO standards.

We also offer Training on Data Protection and Privacy Management


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