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“As a proud alumni of the Talent Shield program, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations in every way. It has been a beacon of hope, a catalyst for growth, and a promise of a brighter future. Sentinel Africa has truly redefined sponsorship with Talent Shield, and I am excited to witness the positive impact it will continue to have on the lives of countless young individuals like me.”

Vivian Wairimu – Talent Shield Beneficiary Cohort I – Read More

Sentinel Talent Shield Program: Empowering Dreams & Shaping Futures

About Talent Shield

At Sentinel Africa Consulting, we are driven by a profound belief in the power of talent and the transformational impact of education. We understand that untapped potential exists in every corner of our society, and we are committed to nurturing it.
With this vision in mind, we proudly present the Sentinel Talent Shield Program Cohort II – a program that extends a helping hand to gifted but underprivileged individuals who are either joining the university or in their first year at the university. Our mission is clear: to provide holistic support that not only covers tuition scholarships but also includes essential career guidance and development.
Through the Talent Shield Program, the successful applicants will not only receive tuition fees sponsorship for their university education but will also gain access to a world of possibilities. We offer career advice, mentorship, and invaluable internship opportunities that lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling professional journey.
We are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment of empowerment through access to education and mentorship opportunities. We aspire to uplift communities by supporting education and career mentorship.
If you are a talented, motivated individual who dreams of achieving greatness, we invite you to be a part of the Sentinel Talent Shield program. Unlock your potential, shape your future, and stand as a testament to the power of determination and opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must have been admitted to a Kenyan University through KUCCPS.
  • You should either be joining your first year at the university or currently in your first year of study.
  • Ability to provide consent to share your information. For those under the age of 18 years, a guardian will have to assist in filling in the application form.
  • Be available for contact and provide references available for contact

Application Stages

This will involve filling in the assessment on the basic criteria for shortlisting. The shortlisted applicant will proceed to Stage Two.

You shall be contacted through the contact details provided in Stage One to request supporting documents for review. The successful applicants shall proceed to Stage Three.

Applicants will be invited to an interview session. Interviews shall be conducted through videoconferencing.

A final round of checks will be conducted, and the award decision made. The successful applicant will be notified of the award.

All inquiries are welcome via:


Privacy Statement:

The Sentinel Talent Shield Program is meant to grow and nurture special talent within Kenya. The application process will require that you share your personal data with us. We only collect information that we deem necessary in order to make the selection process possible and we will store and dispose of it securely at the end of the process.


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