Why we do it

Sentinel Africa Consulting was born out of a fervent desire to redefine risk management as a powerful and invaluable discipline. Having experienced both the misconceptions and the true value of risk management during their tenure in various corporate settings, the founders of this organization were driven to make a lasting impact.

In their roles as Risk Management practitioners, they witnessed the reluctance of some business managers who perceived risk management as an impediment to growth and an overly restrictive process. This perception sparked the founders’ aspiration to educate and evangelize the essence of risk management across organizations of all kinds.

Their day-to-day work fueled their passion to demystify the value proposition of effective risk management, aiming to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to embrace its principles. Rather than imposing predefined risk assessments, the founders championed a participatory approach that benefits both organizations and consultants. This approach involves collaboratively uncovering the most fundamental risk areas and fully embracing the life cycle of risk management to unlock the true benefits of an embedded risk management framework.

We are in the business of helping our clients create and protect value.

This involves understanding the client’s unique issues, tailoring solutions to resolve those issues, and embedding a sustainable and continuously improving management system within the entity.

To be the Advisor of Choice

Our purpose at Sentinel Africa is to help our clients to build better-run companies. To make our clients win!

Sentinel Africa Consulting stands firm in its commitment to being a partner in your risk management journey. We understand that each organization has unique challenges, and we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that empower you to navigate uncertainty with confidence. Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks, ensuring a path to sustainable growth and success.

Welcome to a consultancy experience where risk management becomes an enabler rather than a constraint. At Sentinel Africa, we are passionate about creating a culture of risk intelligence, empowering you to embrace risks as opportunities and build a resilient future for your organization. Together, let us unlock the true potential of risk management and embrace a future of informed decisions and sustainable growth.


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