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A Sentinel is a guard during peace and a soldier during war. Our team of sentinels are obsessed with guarding our clients against risk as well as shielding them as they pursue opportunities – making them win!

Join the team and grow to become a great Sentinel – strong in the service of our clients and communities, diligent, and effortlessly competent.

Under our shield, employees are constantly trained, recognized rewarded, and challenged with meaningful assignments.

We currently do not have an Open Position.

We are committed to recruiting the best qualified, best-fit personnel and to maintaining a pool of human resources according to the manpower requirement and planning of the company. We provide all our applicants with equal opportunities for employment. Job applicants are treated fairly and equally. Employment is offered only to the best qualified applicants with reference to their merits and abilities to meet the requirements of the jobs irrespective of whether they are referrals or direct applicants.


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