Information Security in Startups


Do not wait to be big to be concerned!


Cyber security is fast becoming a significant concern for every business/organization. We can no longer ignore the fact that technological advancements have introduced more sophisticated cyber threats. This in turn has resulted into establishment of legal frameworks to aid in curbing cyber space criminal activities. We have not yet seen it all, but no one knows what waits in “future”.

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It is most unfortunate that startups will always be more concerned of breaking even or their ROI (Return of Investment) than they would about their cyber threat landscape.


Achieving security in a startup would be thought of as a challenge due the resource constrains. However, data breaches and cyber attacks in startups cause major loses such as loss of customers and monetary fines due to data breaches.


At this time and age Cyber Security is a core element while establishing a startup. You can never ignore the fact that even the startups have vulnerabilities and are also being hit by attackers. Remember you do not have to spend all into security, but you can achieve a cyber fit environment by first understanding your Cyber Security landscape.

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Identify and ensure compliance in all applicable legal and regulatory requirements within location of operation.

2. Human firewall

One of the difficult things to fight with is organizational culture. It is very important for startups to take the advantage and building a cyber security culture from the start while the organization is still “small”, and the culture is forming. Ways of achieving this is by ensuring that:

  • Staff awareness on Cyber security is conducted.
  • Cyber security objectives are embedded into the organizations’ strategy.
  • Staff competence on healthy security practices.

Startups should identify all their data sources and implement necessary controls to protect it.

They should take advantage of the fact that the amount of data is still minimal and utilize cloud services in reducing their cyber risks.

Startups have the advantage of being able to manage the minimal number of vulnerabilities in their space unlike bigger organizations that have larger networks and numerous number of devices.


#Do not wait to be big to be concerned!


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