Mobile Device Security Tips

As today’s technology continues to approach users, “smart devices” such as laptops, tablets phones are becoming our best friends. They have digital versions of almost 90% of our information, and they can plan a whole day, a month, or even a year. They can also be used to conduct financial transactions with various banking and financial applications that store metadata for login credentials and account information.

With all this information stored in one place, there is always a constant need to protect our devices, be it a mobile phone, laptop, etc.  Although there is no such thing as a complete device, there are a few ways you can protect your information from prying eyes such as:

  1. Having a robust internet security solution with comprehensive coverage that covers all devices.
  2. Ensure that your personal network & Devices are protected during use & when you’re not around
  3. Allow the use of approved software & apps Download them from a trusted source.
  4. Report lost devices immediately they are noticed missing.
  5. Backup and encrypt your data always.
  6. Make sure yourdevices are checked by experts if they are all well setup and configured.
  7. when surfing the internet, be cautions and careful not to open links and mails you are suspicious about.
  8. Be extra careful, “anyone can be tricked” be sure when you are sharing information, you know exactly why and who it is you are giving the information to.
  9. Control access to your devices Know who to trust your devices with, you can know who did what and at what time.
  10. If your device has been stolen & it contains organization data & information, report it immediately its noticed missing to the Incident Response team in your organization.
Endpoint Security

Emmanuel Mokua, Intern

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